Upgraded V-WHITE Package

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[Items Included]

  • V-White Mouth tray (2)
  • V-White Core Unite
  • Charger
  • Travel bag

    The Upgraded V-White Package is the premium new option. The ventilate handbag has been added on in the perk. The bag can keep hold your belongings and is quite suitable for outdoor activities and travel. Currently, we are offering the great discount for our kind backers, never miss the opportunity, we will promise to ship the items free globally.

    [Product Name]

    Cold light whitening automatic sonic electric toothbrush tooth cleaner

    [Product Parameters]

    Product size:7*6.5cm;Rated voltage:3.7V;Rated frequency conversion:8500-15000;Material:ABS;Rated output power:4W


    • 1. The U-shaped toothbrush head can be removed for cleaning during daily use.
    • 2. The toothpaste is evenly applied to the inside of the toothbrush head during use;
    • 3. The inlet can be completed in 10~15 seconds. Teeth cleaning [Tips] Support the daily use of toothpaste, you can also choose V-WHITE cold whitening toothpaste

    [Design Features]

    • Automatic foaming
    • U-shaped brush head
    • 360-degree rotation
    • variable frequency drive


    1. Rotate your teeth with 360° and liberate your hands. Through ultrasonic technology, combined with the unique U-shaped brush head and other innovative functional design, it takes only 10-15 seconds to complete a brushing action;
    2. Hand-squeezed toothpaste, automatic foam output. The toothpaste is evenly applied to the U-shaped brush head, and the foam is automatically output every time when used, giving you a clean new experience;
    3. Intelligent movement, high-speed vibration. With magnetic suspension motor, it has strong cleaning power, removes double plaque, cares for healthy teeth and makes teeth whiter.
    4. 3rd frequency adjustable, variable frequency drive, 3 modes (clean mode, massage mode, whitening) Mode);
    5. Nano blue light whitening, low temperature blue light, close to the surface of the tooth, while brushing the teeth, to the teeth as a beauty SPA;
    6. High permeability silicone tooth tray, rest assured to use. Innovative use of silicone U-shaped toothbrush, with human body occlusion engineering, can quickly clean the tooth surface and inside 360 ​​° at the same time, waterproof and washable and repeated use, to the health of teeth;
    7. One-button control, lazy lazy thoroughly. One-touch switch of toothbrush, abandon the extra control button, no need to worry about the operation, one touch, let you open the journey of brushing teeth;
    8. IPX7 body waterproof design, rest assured to use. It can withstand underwater immersion, water flow cleaning, and short-term body into water without affecting performance and safety.